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Our Memberships

We offer two membership levels, VIP and Basic. Both memberships provide you with accurate and transparent recycling data so that your efforts don't go to waste.

Join the #REEvolution and know exactly where your recycling goes!


  • Door step collection. Get 4 collections per month plus an additional special request collection in case you missed the scheduled pick-up day.

  • Carbon Dioxide Emission Avoidance data. We 'll provide you with information regarding to the CO2 emissions you managed to avoid compared to creating new/virgin products.

  • Collect rewards points at quicker rate with a VIP point bonus

Get it on google play
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  • Drop off your recycling at our collection points

  • Get notified when your bag has been processed

  • Get accurate recycling data

  • Receive reward points for everything we process

Get it on google play
Download on the app store
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