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Hey Reecycler!

Welcome to the REEvolution!

What next?

The next few steps are the same, whether you’re a VIP or Regular Member. There are 10 bags and QR code stickers that have been delivered to you. The Ree® bags are massive, and so we suggest you organise your recycle one of two ways:

  1. If you have enough recyclables (segregated) to fill the bag, then yaayyy. Just put them in the bag and tie it up. Or attach the sticker on top of the bag to use it as a locking mechanism.

  2. If you do not, then our recommendation would be to fill smaller bags at home with your recyclables and then put them in the REE bag. 

VIP Customers

  1. Once your bag is ready, stick your QR code on and scan the code. That’s it. That let’s us know you are ready for a collection. On the day of your collection for you area, (You can see the schedule here)

  2. You can then leave your bag outside your door and see the magic happen.

  3. You will be notified that the driver is on the way and then again once your recycling has been collected.

For regular customers

Once the bag is ready, you can drop it off in a Ree® cage. When at the cage, follow these instructions:

  1. Scan the code on the cage with your Ree® app, or alternatively, select the cage that you are dropping your bags in in the app.

  2. Scan your codes on the bag and drop them off.

What Ree provides?

Real-time updates

You'll recieve notifications through the app and also via email at the following points:

  • Delivery Driver on the way

  • Bags Collected

  • Bags Sorted

Accurate Stats

When your recycling has been sorted you'll get updates on the weight of each category of recycling you sent.

CO2 Emission Avoidance

VIP members will get CO2 Emission avoidance information to show the positive effect their recycling is having on the environment.


Every piece of recycling rewards our members with points that can be redeemed in the Ree Market place in the app.

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