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Brown Paper



Paper recycling is essential for sustainable waste management, reducing landfill waste, and conserving natural resources. By collecting, shredding, and reprocessing used paper, we can create new products while minimizing environmental pollution.

Avoiding contamination of paper is vital in maintaining the best quality of recycled paper produced. We support our clients and customers in avoiding contamination and keeping the fibres in the best possible condition, resulting in them staying in the circular economy longer.

1. Conserve Natural Resources

By recycling paper, we can extend the lifespan of these fibers and decrease the need for logging and deforestation, thereby preserving forests and the biodiversity they support.

2. Reduce Landfill

Recycling paper reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills, alleviating pressure on waste management systems and reducing the environmental impact associated with landfilling.

3. Save Energy

The process of pulping and manufacturing cardboard from virgin fibres requires substantial energy inputs, including those for harvesting, transportation, and processing. In contrast, recycling cardboard involves shredding and reprocessing, which requires less energy.

4. Conservation of Water

Recycling cardboard, we reduce the need for fresh water in these processes, as recycled cardboard requires less water compared to producing cardboard from virgin fibers

Paper Recycling with Ree

Ree offers bespoke recycling solutions for companies and doorstep recycling collection for individuals. Here’s an overview of our process.


We provide bespoke segregation tailored to your requirements and the waste you generate.


We analyse the quantity of material you generate and schedule collections based upon that. The collections organised with a focused on reducing our Carbon Footprint.

Sorting & Storage

Paper at the Ree facility it further sorted into the different types and store until enough is then transported to be turned into new products.


All of your material is analysed and logged to provide you with in-depth waste insights.


Based on the analysis we perform we can identify opportunities to reduce your waste generation and also provide feedback to help improve on your segregation.

Save money and the planet

Ree keeps an eye on market values and works with local vendors to ensure you’ll get the best return on your discarded plastics. Our approach to recycling plastic can help you maximize your margins, minimize waste, and make a difference in your community. Talk with one of our experts today, and together we’ll build a cost-efficient process to recycle plastic from across your operations.

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