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87% of People are concerned about sustainable packaging

A European survey focusing on consumer sentiments toward packaging was conducted by Focaldata for Eviosys. 2,000 customers and 600 European businesses from the manufacturing, retail and consumer packaged goods sectors were questioned as part of the survey.

The survey, conducted in November 2024 with a focus on the festive period, highlights a notable shift in European attitudes toward sustainable packaging and how it might affect their purchasing decisions.


Over 87% of customers expressed concern over the wastefulness of packaging materials, with plastic pollution being particularly alarming, as 59% voiced frustration with its dominance in supermarkets.

87% of customers are concerned with packaging waste and want sustainable solutions

Consumers were found to be increasingly aware of eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to packaging. A staggering 57% indicated a willingness to pay more for products housed in sustainable packaging. This is a very positive sign, but we would be interested in seeing how much more customers would be willing to pay.

57% of customers would pay more for sustainable packaging


The business part of the survey found that there has been a rise in investment in sustainable solutions, with 90% of European businesses either researching or implementing such measures.

It is not clear on what the "researching" entails and whether it's a genuine business focus change because transitioning to sustainable packaging faces various obstacles, with cost cited as the primary concern by 33% of businesses questioned. Other challenges include consumer interest (19%), supply chain issues (19%), regulatory hurdles (12%) and material availability (14%)

There are many reasons why business do not adopt sustainable packaging options

Laetitia Durafour, marketing director at Eviosys, said:

“On the business front, the survey shows a strong industry response to consumer demands, with 90% of businesses investing in sustainable packaging research or implementation in the past year. However, challenges remain, with a third citing cost constraints as a significant barrier to adopting more sustainable options."

All this is great news for reducing landfill and promoting circularity, as soon as customers start to show their displeasure by not buying certain products, more companies will start adopting sustainable practices.

If you're interested in starting a zero-waste journey and get insights into your waste, then get in touch.

Also, it would be interesting to hear your thought on how much more you'd be willing to pay for sustainable packaging.

How much more would you pay for the same product but in sustainable packaging?

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  • 3-5%

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