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Aluminium's recyclability is a key factor in its widespread use across various industries in the UAE. Recycled aluminium finds its way into numerous products, making it an essential component in the circular economy.

Packaging benefits greatly from recycled aluminum, as it can be endlessly reused in products like cans and foil, significantly reducing the environmental impact of single-use packaging.

1. Resource Conservation

Recycling aluminum conserves valuable natural resources by reducing the need for mining and refining bauxite ore, the primary source of aluminum. Extracting bauxite and refining it into aluminum is an energy-intensive process that can have significant environmental impacts, including habitat destruction and air and water pollution.

2. Save Energy

Recycling aluminum consumes significantly less energy compared to producing aluminum from raw materials. The process of extracting aluminum from bauxite ore and refining it requires large amounts of energy, primarily in the form of electricity. In contrast, recycling aluminum involves melting down used aluminum products and reforming them into new materials, which requires only a fraction of the energy needed for primary production.

3. Landfill Reduction

Aluminum is a highly durable and versatile material used in various applications, from beverage cans to construction materials. When aluminum products reach the end of their lifecycle, recycling allows them to be transformed into new products rather than being disposed of as waste. This reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills, alleviating pressure on waste management systems and minimizing environmental pollution.

4. Reduces Carbon Footprint

The primary production of aluminum from bauxite ore releases significant amounts of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. By recycling aluminum instead of producing it from scratch, we can avoid these emissions and mitigate the environmental impact of aluminum production.

Aluminium Recycling with Ree

Ree offers bespoke recycling solutions in the UAE for companies and doorstep recycling collection for individuals. Here’s an overview of our process.


We provide bespoke segregation tailored to your requirements and the waste you generate.


We analyse the quantity of material you generate and schedule collections based upon that. The collections organised with a focused on reducing our Carbon Footprint.

Sorting & Storage

Aluminium at the Ree facility is sorted, crushed and then bailed. Once enough is collected it is then transported to be turned into new products.


All of your material is analysed and logged to provide you with in-depth waste insights.


Based on the analysis we perform we can identify opportunities to reduce your waste generation and also provide feedback to help improve on your segregation.

Save money and the planet

Ree keeps an eye on market values and works with local vendors to ensure you’ll get the best return on your discarded plastics. Our approach to recycling plastic can help you maximize your margins, minimize waste, and make a difference in your community. Talk with one of our experts today, and together we’ll build a cost-efficient process to recycle plastic from across your operations.

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