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Discover how our services boost your bottom line

Experience the power of Ree's innovative, data-driven waste management and source segregation recycling services, setting consistent benchmarks for its financially beneficial and environmentally friendly solutions.


Going Green, Going Strong: Leading the charge for Sustainable Events

Minimise your waste generation

Choose recyclable and easily biodegradable materials, and minimize single-use items to reduce the amount of waste generated during your event.

Recyclable Material Management

  • Collection of recyclables, ensuring their proper disposal

  • Personalised source segregation programs to optimize your recycling efforts

  • Training sessions to educate and empower your employees

On-Site Analysis

  • We conduct thorough on-site analysis to identify potential waste hotspots and implement effective solutions for waste management.

Food Waste Management

  • Food waste audits to analyze food data and optimize waste management.

  • Implement loss programs that reduce food waste.

  • Assistance for achieving zero waste to landfill.

  • Personalized solutions to minimize food waste and promote sustainability.

Waste Management

  • Waste Audit to gain insights into your current Waste Score 

  • Assistance to help you reduce current costs with existing waste providers

Data Insights and Analytics

  • Access full data reports to gain insights into your waste management practices.

  • Get month by month breakdown of materials to track and analyze waste generation patterns.

  • Discover close loop solutions to track waste beyond your facility, identify improvements, and enhance landfill diversion opportunities.

Ree Solutions for Greener Events

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Running events sustainably is not only good for the environment, but it also attracts a wider audience and builds a positive reputation.

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