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"Revolutionize Your Composting Game with a Bokashi Unit: See how you can say bye to food waste!"

Are you tired of throwing away your kitchen waste and contributing to the ever-growing problem of landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions? As someone who has lived in this country for so long, and in a one bedroom apartment, I understand the importance of being mindful of the waste we generate and how it impacts our environment. As with dry waste, I always ask the question-

What if there was a simple and effective solution that could turn your kitchen waste into valuable resources for your indoor plants and garden?

Look no further than our Bokashi Organko - a solution I’m so excited to share.

Bokashi Organko is an indoor food waste system that offers a simple and sustainable way to manage your waste while helping with composting solutions. By using a special mix of bran, molasses, and beneficial microbes, Bokashi breaks down organic matter into a nutrient-rich material. This process is different from traditional composting and is completely anaerobic, making it a more efficient and practical solution for households and small businesses alike.

In simpler terms, Bokashi is an easy way to turn leftover food, scraps and vegetables into something that is really useful and does not release dangerous gasses into the air. It’s like magic. You sprinkle a special magic potion on top of your food scraps and voila; it turns the food waste into a type of healthy soil that can help plants grow. Unlike other solutions, it does not need oxygen and a regular collection.

But Bokashi Organko isn't just about reducing food waste and helping the environment - the added benefits are that it also provides valuable resources for your indoor plants and garden. The fermented mass and liquid collected can be used as a natural fertilizer, soil builder, and even drain cleaner!

I know firsthand how overwhelming it can feel to try and make a positive impact on the environment, but Bokashi Organko, so far on my journey, has made it easy and accessible.

The best part about it are the different sizes and styles. For someone looking at something a bit more fancy, we have some slick designs. The cherry on top of the cake?- It's all made from post-consumer recycled plastic. The different options make it perfect for families of all sizes, small restaurants and cafes, and even one-day events.

If you're interested in learning more about Bokashi Organko or joining me on my journey of reducing food waste and creating a more sustainable future, sign up.

By signing up, you'll receive updates on our journey, tips and tricks for reducing food waste, and early access to our product when it becomes available.

Let's work together to make a difference, one kitchen at a time.

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